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Dance One Dance for Ukraine

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Hello, I am Ira Weisburd,


I am so proud to be part of this world-wide dance community that has "rallied round" to support the people of Ukraine.  

As a way of helping even more, I have launched the Global Dance Rally and created this simple Ukrainian folk dance to a traditional song which features the voices of Ukrainians as they sing for peace. The dance is called Prayer for Ukraine (Molys'za Ukrayinu)

You can download the song, view the teaching video, read the script and watch a performance demonstration below.  

Thank You 

My sincere thanks to those already committed to the Global Dance Rally including  the Israeli Dancers, Balkan and International Dancers, Sacred Circle Dancers, Balfolk Dancers, FDA Folk Dance Australia, California Folk Dance Federation, SIFD Surrey International Folk Dancers, IDI Israeli Dance Institute, JMV Dance Group Mallorca, Shala Folk Dance Group (Tucson, AZ) Laguna International Dancers, Senipadu Dance Group (Malaysia), Maurice Perez Israeli Dancers (Montreal, Canada) Helene Tremblay Dance Studio (Montreal, Canada) ADEL danses Du Monde de Vandoeuvre, "Danses Collective" des CEMEA de Province, "Croq Danse" de Paris, Danses d'allieurs et d''ici" de Ceyrat, "Danses Folkloriques" de Champenoux. Nu Line (Australia) and GD Dance Group (South Korea) who also kindly made the first demonstration video. 

We are also reaching out to dancers of any style to simply do what they love and Dance One Dance for Ukraine.  Not just folk dancers but every form of dance - Line, Irish, Clog, Latin, Scottish, Swing, Tango, Salsa, Flamenco,  Waltz, Bhangra, Ballroom, Disco.. etc etc.


Just do your thin and spread the word to your dancing friends. 

Thank you all very much and best wishes, Ira, 


Please make and upload your dance videos. Encourage your friends to join in and don't forget to feature something blue and yellow
in your video and include the donate button.  

Dancers raising funds for Ukraine

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