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Calendar of Events 

Upcoming and On-going Fundraisers and Events

If you are planning an event of your own

please confirm dates and details with

Helen O'Malley first  on

We love you to get involved.

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Exciting Day of Dance 
16th June  2024

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 12.39.59.png

Featuring Niels, Rie and Katja. 

Price is what you decide... minimum of 100dk.

All proceed to LDF. Join as  Niels, Katja and Rie go head-to-head on other dances - It can ONLY be a glorious day. We look forward to seeing as many as possible. Contact Ria for more details. 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

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Universal Line Dance Indonesia 
27th July  2024

Nunik Susanto - Jakarta__edited_edited.jpg

Hosted by Nunik Susanto 

20th April 2024.  Jakarta. 

More information coming soon. 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

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LDF Reach Out - Indonesia 
20th April 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 00.28.16.png

Hosted by Margaretha Lily Maramis

20th April 2024.  10.00 - 16.00

At Mahaka Square - Kelapa Gading. 

More information coming soon. 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin


Crossing the Bridge in Oz 
22nd February 2025

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 23.41.41.png

LDF Challenge 2025. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tree Top Adventure Walk.  With David Hoyn, Grace David, Philip Sobrielo, Nunik Susanto, Lily Maramis, Alison Johntone, Josh Talbot, Kelvin Dale.   More details coming soon. 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

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LDF Reach Out with Kim Ray
11th Feb 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 10.55.54.png

Kim Ray

Kim Ray is hosting an event for LDF at Houghton Conquest Village Hall MK45 3LE. Afternoon workshop 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. with Mark and Chris, Jo Kinser, and Adrian Checkley. £18 on the door 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

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LDF Yorkshire Day of Dance 12
Sunday 28th April 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 00.59.29.png

Cathy Hodgson

Cathy Hodgson, Gary Steele and Richard Palmer at The Cairn Hotel, Ripon Raod, Harrogate.. For the 12th annual LDF Yorkshire Day of Dance.  1 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Doors open at 12.30 p.m.  £16 Full day or £9 half day. Contact Cathy. 

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin


Brewing In Malaysia 
5th March 2023

Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 22.18.25.png

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin is hosting an event in Malaysia for the LDF. If you live close and would like to help support the work of the Foundation then please SAVE THE DATE.

For more details please contact Jennifer.

 Hosted by Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

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LDF 2023 - Glasgow
25th March 2023

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 23.07.43.png

Stephen & Lesley

Stephen and Lesley McKenna at St Catherine Laboure Hall, 90 Lamont North Barlornock. Glasgow.  With Heather Barton, Willie Brown, Andrina Faulds, Stew Doran. 1.30 p.m. - 10.30 p.m. 

Contact Stephen for more details. 

 Hosted by Cathy Hodgson - Kingshill 

06.02.23 Cairn.jpg

LDF Weekend - Harrogate 
2nd June 2023

Cathy Hodgson .png

Cathy Hodgson

Alan Birchall, Jacqui Jax,

Cathy Hodgson and Richard Palmer 

A special fund-raising weekend for the fabulous LDF with a blue themed Saturday night and live music from award winning artiste

 Hosted by Cathy Hodgson - Kingshill 

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Yorkshire Day of Dance
Sunday 10th April 2022  


Cathy Hodgson

Yorkshire Day of Dance. The 10th Anniversary.

With Cathy Hodgson, Alan Birchall, Jacqui Jax and Richard Palmer.  Tickets now available £16 for full day £9 evening only. 

Cairn Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate. 

email Cathy to book your tickets. 

 Hosted by Cathy Hodgson 

Kim & Adrian

LDF Southern Fund Raiser 
Saturday 16th April 2022


Kim Ray 

Kim and Adrain are planning another fantastic  fund-raiser for the LDF.  It's all booked for 16th April 2022. So you have plenty of time to make sure you SAVE THE DATE.  You can email Kim for more details and you'll be sure of a great event

 Hosted by Kim Ray and Adrian Checkly 

Boogie 4 LDF

Boogie 4 LDF 
3rd - 5th December 2021

Karin Van der Merwe - South Africa.png

Karin Van Der Merwe

Line dancers worldwide can be part of this amazing "pre-recorded, watch-anytime" virtual event and support the LDF's Secret Santa Appeal. 

There is an unbelievable list of choreographers and instructors who are giving their time to make this happen. 

Hosted by Karin Van Der Merwe

Stephen & Lesley McKenna.jpg

LDF Glasgow 2022
Sat 26th March

Willie Brown.png

Willie Brown

Featuring Alison Biggs LDF Trustee

with Willie Brown and Yvonne Anderson.

 1.30 pm to 11 p.m. Tickets £15 Please Contact:

Stephen or Willie. Click the links. . 

Saint Catherine Laboure, 90 Lamont Road, North Barlornick Glasgow. G21 3PP. 

Hosted by Stephen and Lesley Mc Kenna 

Rob Fowler_edited.jpg

Reach Out in Dance 2021
Sat 18th - 25th Sept.


Helen O'Malley

It's time to "Reach Out in Dance" for Mental Health Awareness.  All you have to do is dance and post a video of "Dream On" by Rob Fowler to show you care. Tune into LDR at 14.00 BST on 25th Sept for the count-in with David Morgan.  In the meantime please start sending your videos to Helen or post them to LDF Facebook page.  Helen.

"Dream On" by Rob Fowler.  Easy waltz.

Jean Webb

Free Social - 4LDF

LDF Logo.png

Jean Webb

Sat 11th Sept 2020 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. 

Memorial Hall, Dean St, Blackpool FY4 1BP

Raffles, Tombola, Donation Bucket,

Special Guests: Alan Birchall and Jacqui Jax. Celia (Line Dance Laureate) & Geoff Ellis. 

Buy her book and Celia will sign it for you. 

For more info on the event  Click Here. 

Hosted by Jean Webb - Fancy Feet, Blackpool.

Back To My Old Life.jpg

Back To My Old Life

Roy Verdonk.jpg

Roy Verdonk

Roy Verdonk can really sing! 

"Back To My Old Life" is an anthem for line dancers. This happy sing-along song has been composed by JP Alart and performed by Roy Verdonk in support of LDF. 

Watch for the new dance choreographed by Grace David and Jeff Camps. 

To buy the song and help LDF  Click Here. 

Please don't share - Thank you. 

Roy Verdonk - Song and Dance Man. 

Dial A Dancer

Dial A Dancer

Maggie copy.png

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher and friends. 

Through personal experience Maggie explains how important it is at time to make contact with people for a friendly chat.  Those living alone and without access to social media are likely to feel very isolated, forgotten and alone. Help change that with simple phone call. 

Whatsapp Call. 

Just a simple phone call to lift spirits

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 16.07.59.png



Geoff Ellis

A Dancer and a Poet

Celia takes you through the laughter and tears of the first 200 days of lockdown with a poem every day. The books makes a lovely keep-sake or gift for someone special. Proceeds to LDF. The book is £12 plus P&P. 

Visit Facebook page Clicking Here  

Or email Geoff with your order by Clicking Here 


Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 15.34.48.png



Helen O'Malley

LDF Dance Solo Together Worldwide Challenge is back! We're dancing Rocket To The Sun to Celebrate Good Times by Funktown America. 64 count Intro.  Tune into Dave Morgan  Linedancer Radio on Easter Sunday 4th April at noon UK time for the count in. Start sending your videos to LDF FB page or email to Helen.

April 4th 2021

Virtual Line Dance Cruise

Virtual Line Dance Cruise.

Gerard Murphy

Gerard Murphy

An escorted line dance cruise with a twist.  Hosted by Gerard and Susan Murphy. Enjoy the journey and the destinations - Rome, Barcelona, Athens and Grand Cayman. Dance workshops and parities, onboard activities and games, shore excursions and much more. 

Thank you for supporting the LDF. For more information and booking form Click Here. 

Dancin' On The Water.  Sailing 27th May

Ryan King

Quarter of a Million Steps

Ryan King

Ryan king 

Stepping Out Wit Ryan 

Ryan King is setting himself the challenge of doing 250k steps in April and thought he would also try and raise some funds for the LDF along the way.  Click the Facebook sponsor page  if you would like to help. 

To sponsor me please click here.   

April 2021 


Name That Dance 3 


Heather Barton

Heather and Dave Do It Again.

Another selection of popular dances to guess!. Lots of prises to be won, great fun to be had and of course funds to be raised. Join Heather live on her Facebook page on Saturday 10th April at 5.30 p.m. UK time. Heather will keep you guessing while having fun and raising funds. Don't miss the launch. 

Round 3 Lunches April 10th 

5 Sing 7 8_

5 SING 7 8 Volume 1 Hits

Gary O'Reilly

Gary O'Reilly

5 Sing 7 8 click either of the links below.

Enjoy 20 great tracks featuring songs from all the amazing mentors and loveable characters.

Plus a bonus tract from Mr. Carrot.

What more could you want!

Thank you for supporting the show and the LDF. 

DOWNLOAD £10     (CD Verson £10 +P&P)

Get your copy now!

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 15.54.28.png



Helen O'Malley

Move It With Willie

Join Willie Brown for the  "LDF Move It Challenge" Can you make 25,000 steps in one day? You can walk it, run it, or dance it - just keep moving it!  Ask friends and family if they would kindly sponsor you. Contact Helen for more details.

To Be Advised.

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