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Welcome to Line Dance Foundation. 

We  hope this site will answer any questions you might have about the foundation. 

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Registered Charity No. 1164708

The Line Dance Foundation (LDF) was founded in 2007

 by Betty Drummond of Linedancer Magazine with the aim of establishing a registered charity.

Its purpose is to support those involved in Line dance who find themselves in difficult circumstances

through illness, accident or other distressing circumstances affecting their ability to  earn a living.

The Foundation helps anyone who is involved in Line dance

on a profession basis part-time or full time, anywhere in the world, in any capacity

be it Choreographer, Instructor, Performer, DJ or Event Organiser. 


Details of grants made to beneficiaries are confidential.

However, sometimes beneficiaries are happy to let it be known 

they have needed and received help however, disclosure will never come from the LDF.