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An introduction to the LDF

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate your interest in the work we do at the Line Dance Foundation and hope this site answers any questions you might have.

The LDF is charity that provides a way for the Line dance community to give practical and financial support to people who earn their living – or part of their living – through Line dance and now find themselves in need or distress.

By pulling together for the Line Dance Foundation we have been able to help many people who have faced difficult and challenging circumstances.

Take a look at how well LDF DAY 2017 went by clicking here.

If you'd like to help the LDF with a donation, please CLICK HERE.

Where it all began

The Line Dance Foundation (LDF) was founded in 2007 by Betty Drummond of Linedancer Magazine with the aim of establishing a charity to support those people involved the Line dance business who found themselves in difficult circumstances through illness, accident or other distressing circumstances which affected their ability to work and earn a living.

Who benefits?

We help anyone who is involved in Line dance on a profession basis be that part-time or full time, anywhere in the world and in any capacity be it Choreographer, Instructor, Performer, DJ or Event Organiser. 

Details of the donations we make to beneficiaries are kept completely confidentiality. However, sometimes beneficiaries are happy to let it be known they have needed and received help but disclosure will never come from the LDF.

How to nominate

If you know someone you think needs our help, then making an application is easy.

For online nominations, simply CLICK HERE to get a Grant Application underway.

If you prefer, you can DOWNLOAD a nomination form in PDF format to print out and post to us.

How to make a donation

If you would like to make a donation direct to our UK bank, here are our details:

Account name:      Line Dance Foundation
Sort Code:               20 - 80 - 33
Account:                  03 993 086

For international transfers:

IBAN:                        GB86 BARC 2080 3303 9930 86

Registered charity no. 1164708

LDF Objectives

as defined in the Articles of Association under the terms of the Companies Act 2006

• To assist in the treatment and care of persons (and their dependants) who wholly or mainly make their living working in the line dancing industry and who are suffering from illness of any description or who are in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness and by providing financial and other forms of support.

• To relieve poverty or financial hardship among persons who wholly or mainly make their living working in the line dancing industry and their dependants by providing financial and other forms of support.

• For the public benefit to promote the education and training of people in subjects relating to dance and the performing arts in such ways as the Trustees think fit, including by awarding to such persons scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or institutions of higher or further education.

• The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular by the provision of facilities and the organisation of opportunities for participation in line dancing.

• For the public benefit, such other charitable purpose or purposes according to the law of England and Wales as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine from time to time.

This provision may be amended by special resolution but only with the prior written consent of the Charity Commission.

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Use this safe and link to make a donation to the LDF.
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We are proud of our
ever-growing army of
LDF Ambassadors who tirelessly work for the good of other dancers.


Download our PDF that you can print and post on your notice board, hand out at your class or social event.


Our largest supporter is  Linedancer … who has been the major driving force behind the creation of the Foundation.

Get LDF Artwork


If you're running an event in support of the LDF, here are some useful artwork elements that you are free to use.


Honarary Trustees and Ambassadors for the Line Dance Foundation

Chair & Trustee

Betty Drummond
– GCC –

Secretary & Trustee

Steve Healy
– GCC –


Alison Biggs
– GCC –


Lyndsey Naylor


Cathy Hodgson
– GCC –

Rosie Multari
– GCC –

Vivienne Scott
– GCC –

Heather Barton

Ariadna Corbi Vella

Peter Metelnick

David Hoyn

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

Claire & Steve Rutter

John & Maureen Rowell

Helen O’Malley
Fund Raising Co-ordinator

–   GCC denotes the Trustee or Ambassador is also a member of the Grant Consideration Committee   –

Clare House
166 Lord Street
United Kingdom

Phone: 01704 392 300
+44 17 04 39 23 00

Thanks for sending us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.