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People who have raised over £1,000 for the LDF 

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Lockdown Laureate

The Results

Poetry Book Raises £1200 

Lockdown Laureate, Celia Ellis and her husband Geoff have raised £1,200 from the sales of Celia's beautiful book of poems. Since the beginning of lockdown Celia has written one poem everyday raising spirits and raising funds for the LDF too.  


Celia is still working hard - setting herself a target of 100 more copies to sell. 

It's not too late to get yours -  you can order it via this link. 

Celia and Geoff thank everyone for their encouragement and support. 

Name That Dance 3 

The Results

Name That Dance 3. 

Another 2021 success story from Heather Barton and David Thomas who organised the third fantastic competition... Name That Dance raising a staggering £1348.  

Heather and David kindly donated their own money for the  cash prizes. Lisa Marie Brown made a range of LDF branded items as prizes too. 

As always it was a crazy fun competition with everyone taking part having a great time trying to decipher the clues and are all looking forward to NTD 4 coming in the autumn. 



LDF Craft Auction

The Results

LDF Craft Auction Raised £1,310

Thanks to Patricia Stott, Julie Carr, Teresa Lawrence, Caroline Cooper, Daniel for the graphics and LDR DJ Team.


Special thanks to all the creators and crafters and all who bid and bought items.

Thanks to all for supporting the LDF through this Auction. 

Kathy Chang 

The Results

SnK Dancers Raised $1,000 x 8 

Beyond our wildest dreams Kathy Chang and her SnK dancers from Cupertino, California have donated a $1,000 eight times since lockdown. 


Our thanks for their kindness and support for the LDF. You make a difference. Visit Kathy's website for more information.